Ironhaus Doors is committed to providing the best performing forged iron doors available in the market. To achieve this goal, ongoing testing is carried out to ensure the most up to date information is always available. Most Products tested to a rating of DP65 or better. Please contact us to request specific test results if required.

Cold Climate

Forged iron doors are designed for use in mild and/or moderate climates. If installing in a cold climate, please request a copy of our “Cold Climate” document prior to selecting a forged iron door. Door panels and frames are polyurethane foam filled to provide the best insulating properties available, but doors and frames are not thermally broken. This non-thermally broken design will allow some thermal transfer from outside to inside and/or vice versa.  As such some accommodation may be required for installation in a cold climate.

Below is a U.S. map with “frost line” as defined by state. States in gray typically have harsher winters and are therefore classified as cold climate states.