How many people job is it to install?

We recommend at least 2 able bodied people for your installation, depending on your door size this number should increase to avoid any complications.

How do I measure?

The door size is measured from the outside to outside of the frame for both height and width. The recommended rough opening should be a minimum of 1/2” to 1” wider than the width and 1/2” to 1” taller than the height.

Do you do installations?

We do not do installations but we do provide installer recommendations.

Can you do unusual sizes?

Yes, we can make custom size doors. Simply provide us with the dimensions and design and we will provide an estimate.

What is the Lead time for a custom order? What is the lead time for an in-stock order?

Stock items will ship in approximately one week. Custom orders take approximately 12-15 weeks to produce.

How do you ship your doors?

Doors are shipped via LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) freight. Each order is palletized specifically for the size of the door.

How long do shipments take?

Transit time is between 2-7 days to get to their destination, depending on the location. Once at the freight terminal, the carrier will call within a day or two to set up a delivery date and time with you directly.

How do LTL deliveries work?

When your door ships, you will receive an email letting you know that your order is on it’s way with instructions on what to expect. You will get updates from the carrier as it moves through each terminal. Once it arrives at the destination terminal, the carrier will contact you within a couple of days to schedule a delivery date and time. Once a date is secured, it is necessary to have at minimum 2 to 3 able bodied persons to help dismantle the pallet from curbside once dropped via lift gate to the curb. In some instances, especially for larger sized doors, the pallet may not be able to be dropped with the lift gate because of size and overhang regulations. In these instances, it will be necessary for you to dismantle the pallet while still in the box truck. To do so only requires a standard #2 Phillips screw bit and a cordless drill. Please be ready with these tools as there is only a limited time the driver has until he must depart for his next delivery. Make sure to keep the pallet and all wood in case of any concealed damages arise when you open the packages and we need to get the door shipped back to us. Inspect packages right away to ensure that there was no concealed damage during transit, as there is a very limited time frame to report this to the carrier.

What if there is visible damage to the packaging upon delivery?

Upon delivery you should inspect the freight for damage and record any obvious damage to the crate. Under NMFC rules, the consignee does not have the right to open and inspect the shipping containers prior to signing for the freight. If the condition of the shipping package is such that there is good reason to suspect major damage, please DO NOT open the freight package and refuse the shipment. Contact our customer service immediately and report refusal. Please note, by refusing the shipment, you will most likely wait anywhere from 3-5 weeks to receive resolution. If minimal damage is presented on the package, the consignee MUST notify the carrier of all the details of the damage. For both visible and concealed damages, consignee must report any damage marks on container to the carrier during delivery to be considered for a claim resolution. Failing to do so will result in an unrewarded claim. The carrier and Ironhaus Doors are not responsible for any un-reported claim.

What if I find concealed damages after the freight has been delivered?

When damage is discovered after delivery, it should be reported to the Ironhaus Doors customer service immediately. Once contact has been made, consignee will file claim with carrier. Ironhaus Doors will provide this information. The carrier may complete an inspection. Please hold the freight and shipping container until resolution is given. For both visible and concealed damages, consignee must report any damage marks on container to the carrier during delivery to be considered for a claim resolution. Failing to do so will result in an unrewarded claim. The carrier and Ironhaus Doors are not responsible for any un-reported claim.

What if I order my door, receive it, and realize I need something different?

If this situation were to occur, we will gladly refund you for your door, less shipping and a 25% restocking fee. All shipping coming back to our warehouse will need to be handled by you, the customer, in a way that will prevent any damages. We are not liable for any damages the door may have from shipment back to our warehouse. Once we receive the door back, we will inspect it to make sure no damage has occurred. Once completed, we will be able to refund the 75% of the door assuming no damage has been found.

May I return my door if I don’t like it?

Within thirty days of the date products are delivered and prior to installation or an attempt to install, your purchase can be returned to Ironhaus Doors for a refund. Please note that a 25% restocking fee will be charged for the return, and Ironhaus Doors has the right to charge for any damages that may have occurred to the product(s). The product must be packed in its original packaging material. If packaging material is unusable, please contact our customer service department prior to return. Delivery fees are not refundable.

What are the details for the return process?

In order to return an item you need to first obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. To request an RMA number online send us an email. Place the original product into its original packaging. Please do not place stickers or shipping labels on the original package. The RMA number must be clearly written on package. We recommend you ship via insured common carrier service with a tracking number. Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Please allow up to 2 to 3 weeks for your refund or exchange to process for stock products.

What gauge steel do you use?

We use a 14 gauge steel on all of our door frames and panels.

Do your doors use single pane or double glass?

All doors use 5/8″ overall dual pane tempered glass.

Do the doors come with locks?

No hardware is included with the purchase of a door. Our doors are pre-hung, predrilled, and tapped for the hardware you select.

How much do the doors weigh?

Single doors weigh from approximately 365 to 480 pounds. Double Doors weigh from approximately 620 to 864 pounds. Note these are total weights. But, for installation purposes, door, glass and frame are separated.

Do the doors come with the frame?

Yes, our doors are pre hung and come complete with frame and threshold.

Do the doors seal?

Yes, there is a weatherstripping around the entire door and operable window panels as well as a sweep installed on the bottom of the door.

Are the doors hard to open? Are they heavy?

Although heavy, all doors utilize heavy duty barrel hinges to ensure they open and close with ease.

Do iron doors rust?

We treat all doors to impede rust. Additionally, proper installation will help prevent corrosion.

What type of glass is available?

Premium doors come standard with clear glass with the options of either Aquatex or Flemish textured glass. Reliance doors are only available with clear or Aquatex glass (depending on the style).

What color are the doors?

Premium doors are available in either Antique Bronze or Antique Copper. Reliance doors are only available in Antique Bronze or Black (depending on the style).

Can you give me a customers address to see your door installed?

No, we can’t share our customers private info with anyone